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Hoodies + Sweats

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Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

There’s nothing more classically comfortable and casual than a men's sweatsuit. There’s just something about a soft cotton blend and a loose fit that makes you want to chill. When you throw on a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants, you’re saying that you’re cool, calm and collected. When that sweatsuit matches and features trending colors, it says you care about fashion more than it might seem. 

As fashion evolves, so do classic pieces like crew sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers. Cuts and fits become more flattering or trendy and details become cooler. Complement your cool demeanor with any of our comfy hoodies and sweats. 

Pull Off Classic Style with Pullover Sweatshirts

A pullover sweatshirt is a quintessential piece of any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re saving them for the gym or the weekend, or if they’re part of your daily wardrobe, chances are that you’ve got more than a handful of these essentials. These pullover sweatshirts come in two basic styles: men's hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts. 

A pullover hoodie is all about comfort and warmth. As your mood and temperature shift throughout the day, you can easily adjust the hood. Additionally, pullover hoodies usually feature a single front pocket or no pockets at all.

A crew neck sweatshirt, on the other hand, is a bit more about style. Crew necks give off preppy vibes no matter what graphics or details they feature and they rarely have any pockets. Shop men's new arrivals to find the latest pullover fashions that work best for you.

Go Full Layers with Full-Zip Hoodies

Hooded sweatshirts that zip all the way up the front are super versatile and can easily work as warm layers over tees paired with men’s jeans. They also work as men's jackets for fall and spring when you don’t want a heavy coat. You can wear short-sleeve or long-sleeve tees under them and you can even layer coats on top of them. 

Full-zip hoodies also have a bit more style and feel a tad less casual than pullover hoodies. The zipper detailing adds an element of interest and your undershirt peeking out makes a statement, too. Some full-zips feature chest and sleeve details, while others might focus on a full-back graphic, instead. Also, most full zips feature two separate pockets on the front sides and make great places to put either your hands or important items. 

Make It Matchy-Matchy with Men’s Sweatsuits

While tracksuits for men aren’t always at the top of the style charts, they don’t ever leave your wardrobe. Modern sweatsuits for men incorporate design features like cargo pockets and trending colors that look the most in fashion when the top and bottom are a perfect match. A comfortable pair of men's sweatpants matched with an all-American sweatshirt makes for a look that can’t be ignored. 

As you shop men's hoodies and sweats, consider what a set will say about you. Does a tighter fit or a looser fit match your vibe better? Does a monochromatic look feel more put together or not? And don’t forget to consider what shoes you’ll wear with the set. Remember that how you accessorize your sweatsuit has a big impact on its final impression.