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Trending clothes don’t have to be the most inventive silhouettes as long as they include new and interesting design elements. Everyday essentials can also be trendy when they feature a little something different from last season or even the last year. Aéropostale’s all-American clothing highlights unisex cuts and details in enticing ways that are sure to be on trend. 

Twin in Teenage Trending Clothes

If you’ve ever wanted to match with your best friend or significant other, unisex tops and unisex bottoms make it an easy goal to achieve on game day or any day. The cut of each tee, hoodie, pair of pants or jacket is made to flatter any body type without feeling overtly masculine or feminine. Choose the size that fits your body and personality best—and your twin for a day can do the same so you’ll both be matching while keeping your own personal styles. 

Invent Your Own Trending Clothing

Don’t wait for someone else to dictate this season’s trends—they change by the second! Take our trending clothing options and make your own unique and state-of-the-moment outfit by mixing it with other clothes from Aéropostale. Shop men's new arrivals to find baggier shirts or pants to pair with fitted unisex tops or shop women's new arrivals to find slimmer fitting tops to pair with unisex bottoms.