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Fragrance + Beauty

Find your Signature Fragrance

Having a signature perfume is a fun and easy way to add instant elegance to your style. It feels fresh and recognizable, and with so many wonderful Aero girls’ perfumes it's a breeze to find something you'll love:

Explore dessert-inspired body mists featuring notes like candy and cake if you like sweet scents.

Fruity aromas with cherry or coconut add a fresh feel that's perfect for spring and summer.

Go timeless and chic with floral-scented perfumes for a classic fragrance option.

A signature scent is a perfect way to set your style apart. Spritz on your favorite women's body spray for a light and breezy feel or browse enchanting perfumes to create your perfect vibe. Whether you're shopping for an everyday essential, the perfect gift or a fresh way to shake up your style, Aero has the girls’ perfumes you want for every occasion!

Women's Body Sprays and Perfumes

Perfumes and body mists both offer delightfully scented options, while enjoying unique qualities that set them apart. Find out which best suits you below.

  • Body Sprays: Body sprays for women are generally made from water mixed with a small amount of perfume oil, creating a light scent that's soft and refreshing. They can be spritzed onto your clothes or your body. If you like lighter scents with an all-over effect, then Aéropostale women’s body spray is the right choice.
  • Perfumes: Perfumes have a higher concentration of scented oil, creating a deeper fragrance that lingers on your skin and clothes. These are a great fit if you don't want to reapply too often, or if you prefer a more intense scent that's concentrated in a small space like the pulse points on your neck or wrist.

Cruelty-Free Perfume for Girls

After you’ve picked the right fragrance for you, find a selection of makeup and beauty essentials to stay looking your best throughout the day. From lip-gloss, makeup brushes and pocket mirrors for the occasional touch-up, to nail stickers, combs and makeup organizers to round out your beauty supplies, Aero has the makeup accessories you need.

Shop Girls' Perfumes and Fashion Accessories at Aero

Find the finishing touch for any outfit with Aero's collection of beauty accessories and perfume for girls. Match your favorite Aero perfume to your outfit, then layer in seasonal accessories for an easy way to instantly change up your look.

Browse women's fashion accessories for fun staples like socks, beanies, sunglasses and scrunchies, then complete your ensemble with a spritz of your favorite fragrance mist. With so many fresh accessories and girls’ perfumes, Aero makes it easy to instantly refresh your look.