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One trend that’s sure to stand the test of time is genderless clothing, and Aéropostale is here for it. Aéropostale always embraces acceptance, empathy and respect, and we have designed our unisex clothing to do the same. Easily express your individuality without gender-exclusive restrictions and feel confident and comfortable in our many versatile fashions. 

From all-figure flattering short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops to comfortably casual bottoms, individual items can be unisex, as can full outfits. To keep your whole look completely gender-neutral, pair unisex tops and bottoms with unisex accessories and overall styling. 

Express Yourself with Essential and Neutral Gender Clothes

Essential wardrobe elements that should have a home in every closet include neutrals, basics and easy layering pieces. When you start with essentials made to excite everyone, no outfit goes unnoticed. Start with unisex bottoms and begin to build out an entire wardrobe from there. The cut, colors and fits of these base pieces serve as a blank canvas for a more individualized and unique personality. Then, add strategic unisex tops that match the message you started with your bottoms. 

Some must-try features that make unisex clothes feel fashionable for all include smooth and streamlined cuts, comfortable, wearable fabrics, easily adjustable elements, and colors that are both neutral and trending.

What Makes Tops Gender Neutral?

If you think about traditional men’s shirts, they tend to have drop shoulders, be longer, baggier and boxier than women’s tops. Women’s shirts, on the other hand, tend to be shorter, more hourglass shaped and overall tighter. When you merge elements of those two extremes, you arrive at something decidedly more neutral. 

Any type of top could be considered gender neutral as long as it doesn’t exclusively feature traditionally masculine or feminine colors or cuts. While baby blue or baby pink conjures up images of a specific gender, keep in mind that navy blues do not. 

What Makes Bottoms Gender Neutral?

Hoodies, t-shirts and even jackets are easier to make in cuts and styles that feel a bit more neutral—but pants are tricker to get right in a unisex line. Jogger-style pants or cargo pants seamlessly slide into this aesthetic, though. Our joggers combine the look of classic men’s sweatpants with a traditionally more feminine, slimmer-fitting leg, while our cargo pants have a utilitarian vibe that looks good on everyone. 

When you pair these types of pants with decidedly feminine or masculine shoes, shirts or other accessories, they become less gender-neutral because they’re influenced by the other parts of your ensemble. 

Trend in Genderless Clothes

Unisex clothes don’t have to be all about the basics, though. You can definitely hit our trend shop and find modern pieces that work for all types of people the same way gender-neutral clothes do. As the world becomes more inclusive, so do fashion trends. For example, our all-American collection makes supporting your team both easy and comfortable. 

When you want to save a little on trending pieces, shop clearance to find clothes that are part of trends that are slowly starting to fade away. They’re not quite off-trend yet, and you could always create your own mini-trend by including them in unexpected outfits.