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Women's Hoodies & Sweats

With Aero, comfort and fashion mesh perfectly in women's hoodies and sweats. As the gold standard for classic comfort, mainstream sweatshirts and sweatpants can nevertheless be seriously lacking in style. Anyone can slap a graphic on a sweatshirt and call it cool, but that doesn’t make it so. 

Our sweats, on the other hand, are carefully crafted with the most comfortable fabrics, the most flattering fits and on-brand graphics or details that say you’re anything but basic. Mix and match sweatshirts and sweatpants with other types of tops and bottoms to create a look that suits your needs and personal style. 

Meet the Ultimate Casual Suits: Women's Sweatsuits

Call it a women's matching sweatsuit or call them women's tracksuits—both refer to the same thing. We’re talking about the ultimate power couple of fashion: sweatshirts worn with sweatpants. When you wear sweats from head to toe, you’re letting the world know how comfortable you are in any situation. That kind of matching moment always feels fresh when your sweatsuit features trending colors. 

While sweatshirts and sweatpants are a match made in heaven, each piece can be worn with other types of clothes for a decidedly different vibe. 

Keep Your Head Up in Hoodies

Hoodies are the ultimate sweatshirt for showing off personal style because there are a few simple ways to style them. You can wear them with the hood all the way up and cinched a bit, with the hood resting at the top of your head uncinched or with the hood hanging in the back. They also make for cool accessories when you tie them around your shoulders or waist. Shop women's new arrivals to find the latest colors and graphics. 

Hoodies look great with sweatpants, too, but they also work with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. When you use it as a layering piece, it can even serve as outerwear.

Layer with Ease and Full-Zip Hoodies

When you know you want to pile on the layers, a full-zip hoodie can be your best friend. The shirt you layer underneath can be on full display while you simultaneously keep warm with the zipper fully open, giving you that all-American vibe. In some circumstances, full-zips can even work as women's coats that are just meant to warmly get you from point A to point B before cozying up to the coat rack. 

Keep it Classic in Crew Sweatshirts

Crew neck sweatshirts are timeless, but modern cuts more similar to other types of women's sweaters ensure you get a flattering fit without losing any of that classic style. Crew neck sweatshirts look best with a great pair of women's jeans, but they also work with many other bottoms. These highly unique tops are great for layering without bulk, too. 

Show Some Swag in Sweatpants

When it comes to women's sweatpants, the right cut makes all the difference in what specific vibe you give off. Baggier classic sweatpants are the most casual option, but joggers and fit & flare options have a more feminine and slightly less casual feel. So, choose the color, cut and design that best matches your unique personality and outfit style.