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Men's Hoodies

When it comes to sweatshirts for men, hoodies reign supreme as the king of comfort. But that doesn’t mean men's hoodies are formal by any means. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A men's hoodie is inherently comfortable and casual, but these cozy tops also have sporty undertones. There’s just something that looks athletic about a guy in a full sweatsuit. 

The best thing about hoodies and sweatshirts is their sheer versatility. You can wear a sweatshirt with anything and it looks great. You can also pair your sweatshirt with men's joggers to hit the gym or run errands. Or you can opt to throw on a hoodie and your favorite men’s jeans to wear on a casual date or to a game. Hoodies can also be used as layering elements and look cool under a quality men’s denim jacket. Discover which hoodie style best suits your personality with our vast collection of unique options. 

Aim for Aero Pride in Branded Men’s Hoodies

Our signature hoodie for men includes some form of the Aéropostale logo from the past or present. When you love something, you shout it to the world and that’s what our branded hoodies help you do. Some of the iconic logos you can find on our pullovers and zip-ups include Aero MVMNT, the Aero block logo, the traditional Aéropostale Arch, and many more. 

Find the logo that speaks most strongly to who you are, then choose a hoodie style that fits with your personal style and unique approach to life. For an additional monochromatic look, pair your new sweatshirt with the matching logo sweatpants that are perfect for relaxing days spent at home. 

Show Off Your Sporty Side in Pullover Hoodies

When it comes to cool hoodies for men, sports are usually involved, making them the ultimate fan fashion for letting your team spirit show. Because of this, we’ve partnered up with the NBA and NFL to bring Aero’s quality and comfort to your favorite sports teams. These all-American styles celebrate one thing that often brings men together: competition. 

Pullover hoodies are easy and effortless to throw on and they work perfectly as layering pieces over t-shirts. They can also be worn as outerwear if you’re not known to get really cold, or they can be layered under lighter jackets for a cool look. Shop men's new arrivals to see all the latest pullover hoodies we’ve got available. 

Let Your Personality Shine in Graphic Cool Sweatshirts for Men

A sweatshirt for men doesn’t have to be basic and it doesn’t have to be sporty, either. Sometimes, you just want a cool graphic that shows off something about your likes or personality. Other men's tops, like graphic tees, do this as well. So, our graphic crew neck sweatshirts are here to satisfy your style and comfort needs. 

From collaborations to iconic pop culture images, our graphic crew necks feature full graphics on the front. Some even include sleeve graphics, too. Think of these as walking billboards for your personal tastes. Like hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts pair well with most bottoms, but they look best with jeans, chinos or non-athletic shorts. They also work as layering pieces that can easily be worn over button-down shirts for a preppy look.