Women's Footwear

Size Insole Length
6 91/4"
6.5 92/5"
7 91/2"
7.5 93/4"
8 97/8"
8.5 10"
9 101/5"
9.5 101/3"
10 101/2"

Women's Shoes

Size US Average Shoe Size
Small 5/6
Medium 7/8
Large 9/10

Women's Boots

Size Insole Length
6 91/4"
6.5 92/5"
7 92/3"
7.5 94/5"
8 10"
8.5 101/8"
9 101/4"
9.5 101/2"
10 102/3"
10.5 104/5"
11 11"

Walk Confidently: Aeropostale's Women's Shoe Size Chart

Elevate your footwear game effortlessly with Aeropostale's women's size chart for shoes. Shopping for the right pair of shoes is a breeze with our comprehensive guide, whether you're in the market for sandals, sneakers, boots or heels. From strappy sandals for summer adventures to cozy boots for chilly days, our size chart ensures an impeccable fit every time, covering sizes 5 to 11.

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Achieve maximum confidence with Aeropostale's women's shoes size chart. By providing precise measurements tailored to your needs, our size chart takes the guesswork out of shoe shopping, allowing you to easily step out in style. Running errands or hitting the town? You can trust that your shoes will look great and feel amazing every time. Dive into our size guide now and discover the perfect fit for every occasion. Say hello to comfortable, stylish footwear when you use our women’s shoe size guide and step out with flair. 

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